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How to Make Fashion Jewelry Rings

Gone are the days when fashion was a mass phenomenon. Today fashion is to individuals. We all carry our own unique fashion and style trends. These days’ people like to stand out not only in terms of their clothes, make up and hair-do but equal enthusiasm can be seen in jewelry fashion. While there is no limit to how creative one can go with jewelry fashion, this article will particularly talk about ways to design your very own fashion jewelry rings.

Mix and match:

You don’t really have to be a jewelry designer or a fine art student to create your fashion ring designs. You can simply use your creativity and taste as a fashion enthusiast to mix and match collection of rings already available in market.

Various gemstone rings in band like shanks could be worn together to create a band of colors. Some people also wear plain bands of different colored precious metals. Mix and match is also a popular practice with wedding ring sets and wedding trios. In addition to this the trend of couple rings is also based on mix and match.

Designs from scratch

If you are good at drawing and sketching you can lay down your own ring designs and take them to jewelry artisans to get it made for you. Although this option is only available with handmade jewelry as machine made jewelry could be customized only to a certain extend. Apart from this, you can also get loose fittings such as gemstones, beads, stretchy ring bands to create your fashion jewelry from scratch.  

Custom made jewelry

These days many jewelry retails give option of designing your own jewelry rings. You can do this online through jewelry retail websites. In this case they offer you various options of loose gemstones and design settings to play around with. You can go step by step starting from choosing gemstone attributes such as type, color, carat, quality and price. After this you can select from various settings and design patterns available. At the end you can also see how your design looks like and if you happen to dislike it you can start back from scratch.